America is a Democracy

America is a Democracy

America is a Democracy.  Well, actually a representative democracy but close enough.  Ultimately majority will rule, even with safeguards put in place to slow down the “momentum of the mob.”  I started this blog because I am so distressed about many of the trends in this country which feel like an inexorable shift of power and wealth and decision making to a smaller and smaller number of extremely wealthy people and wealthy corporations controlled by extremely wealthy people.   This is not about democrats versus republicans because the elite rule both parties.  This is about trying to answer some questions and having an impact before the majority wakes up and recognizes that the rules a set against them, that others have unfairly benefited.  When they come to this realization, the majority will act and will fight back though hopefully through democratic means.  My worry is that when the majority gets to that point they fight back more quickly and more devastatingly.

Some of the questions I want to address in this blog include:

  • Why is our country so wealthy yet our schools are in decline, our infrastructure is collapsing, and we don’t take care of our people?
  • Why does a family with two working parents making $150,000 a year pay taxes on their labor at rates much higher than the tax rate someone pays on the $150,000 in income they made from investing their capital?
  • Why is the income tax debate always focused on different tax rates for labor when the tax on wealth and the tax on returns from wealth benefits from an assumption of lower tax rates?
  • Why don’t we have term limits for elected officials?
  • Why do we allow the wealthy and large corporations to bring massive dollars to elections to shift outcomes and why did this start?
  • Why is it in the best interest of anyone for an elected member of congress to make a “no new taxes” pledge when they have no idea what might be being proposed. And who is Grover Norquist who enforces this pledge?
  • Why is it ok that we continue to create – through multi-generational wealth, low inheritance taxes, and protected, structured, legal trusts and estates – a class of multigenerational wealth and the expansion of what truly is becoming American Royalty?

Please join me in an important conversation about America.

Robert Endicott  July 4, 2017

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